Supply Chain Trainee Program (SCTP)

Our logistics department is a well-oiled machine responsible for ensuring we have what we need, where and when we need it. The Logistics function not only oversees the transportation of our local and domestic brands but also our imported brands.

Training Overview

The Supply Chain Trainee Program is designed for graduates with a strong interest in supply chain, operations and problem solving.  If you’re interested in pursuing a career in our dynamic logistics department, this 8-month program is a great place to start.  You’ll spend time in the field at one of our wholesalers learning how a warehouse works and in one of our breweries to see just how we get millions of cases of beer from the palletizers the dock doors.

You’ll also learn from our leaders in corporate logistics who forecast and manage how much to produce, where to produce it and how to ship it so it reaches your store shelf as fresh as possible.

Typical 1st Positions: Front Line Manager, Analyst, Coordinator

Reach out to our Recruitment Team directly using the email for any questions you may have. If not, please click directly on "CAREER OPPORTUNITIES" to apply!