Global Management Trainee Program

Learn more about our GMT program through the experiences of our 2020 GMT class. Click here to see their blog! 


GMT Program Details: 


  • Global Induction with our CEO, Functional Chiefs and trainees from all countries. 

  • Zone Induction with local Leadership team, to learn about Labatt's overall strategy, business functions, and people structure. 

  • Field Experience (Core Challenge) in our Sales, Supply and Marketing operations to understand the "real life" routine of the business, followed by the opportunity to implement a Business Improvement project (Core 2.0) within these areas. 

  • Deep dive into support  functions, leadership & functional trainings and exposure to senior leaders throughout the program rotations. 

  • Personalized mentorship and development opportunities to help boost skillset and build long-term leadership potential. 

  • Upon successful completion of the program, you will take on an exciting new challenge in your first role. Exact role placement will be determined based upon your capabilities, interests, preferences, and performance during the program. 


GMT Program Requirements: 


You own your future, and the speed of your career growth will depend on your talent, efforts and results. Should you meet the following minimum requirements we encourage you to apply immediately: 


  • Fluent in English, bilingualism is a strong asset 

  • Graduating in 2022 OR Graduated as of 2020 (Bachelor’s Degree) 

  • Mobile to move anywhere in Canada 

  • Eligible to work in Canada 


Ideal GMT Candidate: 


  • Leverages data and insights to provide effective solutions to complex problems. 

  • Demonstrates leadership capability in previous work experience and/or extracurricular activities. 

  • Self-motivated to drive results and deliver above and beyond expectations.  

  • Comfortable working in teams, actively listensseeks diverse opinions, and fosters inclusion. 

  • Embraces ambiguity and thrives in a fast-paced environment. Able to effectively manage several projects at once and be agile in the face of setbacks and change. 

  • Operates with an open mind, is insightful and innovative, wants to know “why” and has diverse interests. 

  • Consistently questions the status quo, seeks opportunities to improve processes, not afraid of change and willing to take calculated risks. 

Typical first positions after completion of rotational program: Group Manager, Sales Representative, Sales Intelligence Analyst, Trade Marketer 

Reach out to our Recruitment Team directly using the email for any questions you may have. If not, please click directly on "CAREER OPPORTUNITIES" to apply!