A shared sense of purpose

Our dream of being The Best Beer Company Bringing People Together for a Better World is being built on a foundation of three core pillars. We are committed to supporting our communities, promoting responsible drinking, and the long-term sustainability of our natural environment. 

  • We are involved in our communities


    At Labatt, our community commitment runs deep. Through sponsorships and donations, we continually invest in dozens of charities, teams and events across the country, and our people make a real difference through volunteerism too.

    One of the many ways we give back to our country is through the Labatt Disaster Relief Programme. Established in 2012 to donate safe drinking water to communities experiencing emergency conditions, this programme allows us to leverage Labatt’s resources to can our own water and mobilize our network to supply and distribute it to those in need.

  • We promote responsible drinking

    Labatt is committed to encourage the responsible enjoyment of our brands and preventing underage drinking. In 1983, we were the first in our industry to promote moderation in Canada, and we’re constantly innovating to keep the messages relevant to Canadians today. Just a couple of examples are the Budweiser Good Sport Programme to educate Canadians on the importance of having a designated driver, the annual Bee(er) Responsible Day celebrations, and our digital campaign, #thankabud.

  • We protect the environment

    Labatt’s environmental performance is world-class. Every year, employees contribute hundreds of ideas to save water, cut CO2 emissions, and reduce energy use. Our recycling rate exceeds 98%, and we’re always working to shrink our footprint even more.

    At Labatt, we believe in working together to conserve natural resources. Annually on World Environment Day we lead our communities in celebrations and events whether we’re leading public clean-ups or hosting public forums, we’re committed to taking action and collaborating for a sustainable environment.