At Labatt, We are all Brewers.

Labatt is Canada's leading brewer. We are honoured to be among both Canada's Top 100 Employers overall, and the Top 100 Employers for Young People.

As part of one of the world's top five consumer goods companies and the global beer industry leader, we attract high calibre candidates looking for high calibre careers.

If that sounds like you, we welcome you to explore joining the beer industry's most dynamic team.





Our sales team is the face and heart of Labatt to licensees and retailers across Canada.



Our finance professionals include the accountants, finance managers and analysts who are the backbone of Labatt’s long track record of profitability and the stewards of our opportunities for growth.



Our Procurement team focuses on strategic sourcing to ensure we have the supply of goods and services we need to brew and market beer of the very highest quality, and create value in our business.


Corporate Affairs

Our Corporate Affairs team leads all public relations, government relations, and internal communications as the custodians of Labatt’s 170 year corporate reputation and heritage in Canada.



Our marketing team continually expands the consumer experience with our brands and deepens the connections that have made Labatt a Canadian icon.

“Les gens chez Labatt forment la meilleure équipe avec laquelle j’ai travaillé – ils formidables.”

Nicole Goldberg

Brewery Operations

The enduring excellence of Labatt beers is built on the craftsmanship and technique of the experts on our brewery floor.



Our logistics personnel set the pace of our organization through transportation management and warehouse logistics.


Information Business Services

Information Business Services is the transactional hub of our organization. Specialists deliver services ranging from employee support to financial accounting to customer and consumer relations. It also includes Information Technology experts who are responsible for Labatt’s daily systems operation and availability, and employee IT support.



Our People team strives daily to enhance the employee experience, and together are a key reason that Labatt is such a great place to work.